Services we provide

We provide training to to all Health Care Professionals working in the health and social sector . All of our training complies to the highest standards and are endosed by CAHSC- Cornwall Adult Health and Social Care Learning Partnership.Our customers are key to our high standards. Over the last year, we have been able to continually improve on our service by listening to  what our customers want.

Specialised Courses

Verification of Death

The prices are reflective of the additional practical element embedded in the training


  • Option one - Verification of Death (2 hours at £45 per person)
  • Option two - Verification of Death and End of Life Care (3 hours at £65/person) 



Catheterisation ( 3 hours at £49 per person)

Venepuncture ( 3 hours at £49 per person)



Statutory and Mandatory

We cover  sixteen areas of statutory and mandatory training, all of which are referenced to relevant and current legislation to support fundamental standards and underpin the aspects of transferability back into the workplace. In addition, we also deliver training to community  groups, charities, schools and social enterprises.



  • Dementia Awareness
  • Dysphagia
  • End of Life Care
  • Effective Record keeping
  • Equality and Diversity
  • Infection Control
  • Health and Safety
  • Mental Capacity Act and Deprivation of Liberty Safeguard
  • Pressure Area Care
  • Safeguarding for Adults
  • Safe Handling of Medication

These courses are all 3 hours £350 (maximum of 12 learners). 




The Art of :

These programmes are in-depth and comprehensive, forming part of CPD requirements as well as supporting progression professionally and/or personally. They are reflective of CQCs regulatory inspection model and the embedding of quality within services. The programmes are a stepped approach, commencing at stage 1 and continuing through to the completion of stage 3. On completion,  a service support programme is available to ensure the embedding of quality standards.

The Art of :

Caring (1 day)

Assessment & Monitoring (1 day )

Care Plan Excellence (2 days )

Supervision using Focused Coaching (2 days)

Creative Leadership and Well-Being (1 day)

Compliance & Quality Assurance (1 day)

Living Life & Dying Well (1 day)

Relaxation & Stress Management (1 day)

Resilience & Self Care (1 day)

Skill of Baseline Observations (1 day)


One day courses - £95pp                     

Two-day courses - £170pp

In house course bookings, please note a minimum of 8 people are required. 









Bespoke Course Development

Providing your staff with the right skills to carry out their role effeciently will encourage their personal growth, empower them to seek solutions to problems and help your service succeed. You commission your specification and we will tailor it to suit your staff and service, and work with you to ensure your courses fit your service and business requirements. We will embed the themes you want

addressed into the core of every course, evaluate the course and provide you with a report at the end. We help you help your staff address positive cultural shift, by facilitating free thinking, combined with problem solving and solution finding.